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Research Professor at the Royal Botanic Garden (CSIC), was its director until 2014. President of the International Organization of Plant Biosystematists. One of the world’s leading experts in the phylogeny and phylogeography of angiosperms, natural hybridization, and its effects on evolution. President of the Scientific Committee of the International Botanical Congress 2024.

«For all of us interested in understanding the current diversity of plant formations, ecosystems, and even some specific groups of Iberian species, this work is an enormous gift. It brings together in three volumes the results of the impetus that paleobotany has experienced in the western Mediterranean in recent decades. Fueled by meticulous studies, the implications of this discipline have transcended palynological, anthracological, and macroremains analyses to integrate into—and provide a key dimension to—the multidisciplinary scaffold that seeks to reconstruct the past of plants, impulsed by disciplines such as ecology, phylogenomics, or paleoclimatic reconstructions. The impressive compendium presented to us has been made possible thanks to a group of palynologists spurred on by the energy, creativity, and rigor of José S. Carrión, who coordinates the work, along with Eduardo Barrón, and Manuel Casas-Gallego in the case of the volume covering periods from the Paleocene to the Pliocene. It is stimulating that the data on which this work is based, scattered in hundreds of publications, are now offered to us gathered and freely accessible. A true example and inspiration. My sincere congratulations to the entire team.»

Grupo de investigación E005-II ECCE

HOMO (Evolución Cenozoico Cuaternario Ecología Homo)

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