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Research Professor at CSIC, Doñana Biological Station. National Research Award Alejandro Malaspina 2001. Haeckel Award, Gold Medal from the President of the British Ecological Society, award from the President of the American Naturalist Society. Honorary member of the Ecological Society of America.

«We present here a monumental work, composed of three dense volumes coordinated by José Carrión. These volumes, sober but attractively designed, offer exhaustive and rigorous content. As present-day ecologists, which we are the majority, we study very fine temporal slices of systems that operate under a long historical dynamic. With the information we obtain from these slices, we manage to fill thousands of pages with ecological interpretations and speculations about origins, coevolution, adaptation, and other concepts that inevitably require a temporal perspective. A perspective that only paleoecologists can provide. This work is the dream come true for any Iberian evolutionary ecologist, at least it is for the one writing this.»

Grupo de investigación E005-II ECCE

HOMO (Evolución Cenozoico Cuaternario Ecología Homo)

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