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Professor of Ecology at the University of La Laguna since 2011 and coordinator of the research group in Ecology and Insular Biogeography at that university. Expert in Insular Ecology and Biogeography, Forest Dynamics, and Paleoecology. Associate editor of the Journal of Biogeography since 2005.

«In a new encyclopedic work, José Carrión (Professor of Botany at the University of Murcia) makes an exhaustive compilation in three volumes (Vol. 1 Paleocene-Pliocene—this first volume co-edited with Eduardo Barrón and Manuel Casas-Gallego, Vol. 2 Pleistocene, and Vol. 3 Holocene), of the sites with fossil records that allow reconstructing the paleoflora and paleovegetation of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Archipelago from the beginning of the Cenozoic to the present day. All entries include photographs of the location and the necessary stratigraphies to understand the changes undergone by the vegetation in the past, which will allow us to better understand the keys to its future changes, in a context of global change as we are currently experiencing.»

Grupo de investigación E005-II ECCE

HOMO (Evolución Cenozoico Cuaternario Ecología Homo)

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